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Scholarships you can apply for

I research scholarships that students can win and send a list of them with periodic updates to anyone requesting them. You do not have to be a student that I am tutoring to request this list.

Exams that you can practice with

Recently, one of my students thanked me for creating an algebra 2 test for him. He told me that he had taken the test the night before he sat for his exam in school and didn’t know how to solve some of the problems. He also told me that he had learned how to solve them and that the same type of questions appeared on his school exam and that he had correctly answered them. Any student that I tutor can request an exam on any material that they are being tested on in school and I will email them an exam with answers. I construct these exams using facilities that are provided to college mathematics professors.

Problems that students have difficulty solving

Students can email me problems that they are having difficulty with and I will solve them, write out the solution with an explanation, scan it into my computer and email it to them. You do not have to be a student that I am tutoring to request this. This is, of course, limited to my time personal constraints, however, I have always had the time to answer student requests.

Free SAT Math Classes

I teach free SAT math classes ,on the two Fridays before every PSAT and SAT exam, at the headquarters branch of the library on Symmes Road in Manalapan.

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